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Central Themes in presentations are:

  • What is Culture?
  • Where do I come from culturally?
  • What does the culture of my host country look like?
  • Explanation of the 4 stages of Culture Shock.
  • Introduction to trans-cultural training.


Culture Shock Coaching offers the three ingredients a training should contain, called the ABC’s of trans-cultural training.

  • A stands for affective (feeling).
  • B stands for behavioral (acting).
  • C stands for cognitive (knowing).

These three are all embodied in a person and constantly influencing each other. In a training they will be addressed in reverse order:

  • C: Information After discussing the themes described under ‘Presentations’, knowledge will be taken to the next level using the 5 cultural dimensions. The 5 cultural dimensions are: Identity, Hierarchy, Truth, Gender, and Virtue (Hofstede).
  • B: Cultural Laboratory Role-play with the relevant artificial cultures.
  • A: Debriefing Participants are able to reflect on the awareness they gained about their own and host culture. They are able to use the newly learned communication skills on a day-to-day basis, which will decrease stressful and frustrating events.


Culture Shock Coaching offers one-on-one coaching sessions. When moving from one country to another has become an overwhelming and negative experience coaching can give a helping hand.The coach is using the non-directive approach according to Rogers, using the client ‘s own strengths.

As a guideline, the 4 stages of culture shock (Oberg) and the 5 cultural dimensions (Hofstede) will be used.

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